I need to use my Nreal Light 3D & MR options


I bought both Nreal Air and Nreal Light glasses. Unfortunately, I am using them only to watch videos, but I want to watch 3d movies on Nreal light and to be able to use the full options of Nreal light, such as MR AR VR 3D, as mentioned on Nreal official site.
I am living in Saudi Arabis
My phone is Z fold 3
Nebula 3.2.3 installed
Please help, as I am still a beginner and do not want to feel I wasted my money for nothing.

Hi, maybe you can use this beta test version of Nebula, which contains a Media Player which allows you to play 3D movies using Light.

I appreciate your help,
I tried it, but it’s unstable, so I uninstalled it.
What I need is Nebula LG U+ app