I want to use my Samsung Note 20 with NReal Light Glass

I want to use my samsung note 20 phone with NReal Light glass but it shows “Please connect your Nreal Light glasses” message and the app is closing.
Please let me know if there are some settings for that.

Have you by any chance download Nebula first? NReal apps won’t run without Nebula.

Could you please share me the link for Nebula apk?

Have you tried downloading it from google play store? This link: LINK

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I solved by using that app. Thank you.

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I have Nebula installed but seems to be unable to launch any of the Playstore Apps. Nebula launches fine and able to play and open web content, but once attempting to open any of the apps a prompt appears “Please connect your Nreal Light Glasses” curious to see if anyone is encountering this with the US consumer glasses. Using current Playstore Nebula, made sure any of the older Service apks are removed, will try to get logs and see what may be happening there


What phone are you using? Is from Verizo?

Verizon 5G phone Samsung Galaxy S21 5G phone currently using

ok interesting didn’t change anything except restarting the phone and disabling wifi, apps are working now - @Mr.FarePlay was able to get your app up and running nice getting the hand recognition in

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Glad you liked it :grin: still work in progress so feel free to give any feedback :+1: