Idea for windows PC

I just manage to make nebula work with a phone i purchace from ebay.

I can say that its really cool concept and I like the Nreal air way better than the occulust quest 2.

So my idea is ,

Can you do a usb dongle that will connect to the pc and then power the nreal glass , so that we can have a wire connection with power to the pc directly , maybe you can do a custom card thst we can plug into a tower via thunderbolt or usb 4.0 or thst we plug like a video card.

but the best feature will be to be able to add in VR mode all the monitor that are active on the PC and to place them however you want like we can do ATM with browser screen.

if this is possible , Then the user can use monitor dongle to create pasive screen and then send them to the VR space .( So technically, unlimited amount of monitor is posible in the glass, and they are just send to it as feed) And that will be , a total replacement of my Monitor setup and what I am really looking for.

So basically visualize yourself sitting down with your laptop in a backpack and 3 hdmi 4k dongle connected to it with the nreal air and a bluetooth mouse and keyboard and you manage your 4 monitor in the Nebula VR environement that is run by that special Nreal dongle , like it was your full setup at the desk.

If you garantee me that the dongle will power the glasses and the future more powerfull glasses , I am willing to pay 300 to 400 usd for the dongle as i think it will need a special arm chip and that could be expensive.

maybe their is something already on the market ?
or a special solution we can do with a compatible phone + a special dongle ?

thanks in advance

Hi, really thanks for your suggestions, but we don’t have this kind of solution that can also provide an AR experience currently. We will take your advice into consideration.

what you think about Getting the signal from windows or mac “Monitor” to send it to the NEBULA software , and then we can place it however we want to in the environment ?

I had something like this working into the Quest 2 , but it was only giving me one screen at the time via direct conneciton to the PC.

If you can manage to Enable mulitple screen mimic from the pc to the glass and that we can place them all like we want in the space at the same time , that will be game changer here for sure.

So basically , I have the phone that can run the glasses now.
Do you have a device that can link windows to the phone without using wifi ?

I will have to do some testing here , need 1 week for time.


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Hi, I don’t have such a device that allows linking a PC to the phone without wifi. But we do have Mac Nebula which can give you multiple screens by direct connection.