If you have an Nreal compatible MR application, I'd love to feature it on my AR/VR Youtube Channel!

I post almost exclusively AR and VR let’s plays and reviews on my Youtube channel at Erik Hartley - YouTube at a minimum 3x per week and would love to feature more Nreal content. If you’ve got an app in development that you’d like to have featured or you’d like some privately shared playtesting experience, please feel free to get in touch. In order to maintain quality, I ask that you enable screen recording/streaming capture in the app build that you share with me. I haven’t figured out a great way to capture “through the lens” using cameras or other devices.

Thanks for making great content for the Nreal Light and I look forward to exploring what you build!

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You can try my new app Xrcube
Dedicated to multi video streaming in 3D to experiment future User Experience with or without hands Tracking.
All contents are public on Youtube

Thanks for your feedbacks