Image Tracking not recognizing new images

I created a new model for Image Tracking with 5 new images. Before doing this the tracking was working but now it’s not. How to fix it or know what the issue is?

Hi, please check if your images meet the requirement of size and quality. If possible, please send me the image ratings in Unity.

All images meet the requirements and have ratings above 70. I also kept the default nreal images and those ones are not recognized either. Is there a way to troubleshoot this? To know what is the issue? Is this a recurrent issue?

Please create a new project and import NRSDK unity package, then create new images.

Then my question is: each time I want to change the images I have to start a new project? How can I fix this if I constantly want to try with other images?

No, you don’t need to start a new project normally. The reason why I mentioned creating a new project is that I want to know if some changes in old project affects detecting result.