Image tracking showing up in the wrong place?

I have built the image tracking sample but when it recognizes the image the “frame” appears in the wrong place. If the image is sitting on the table, it is recognized BELOW the table. I have had the same problem with the image recognition in NREAL Tower demo. The game board always appears well below the tabletop when I put the image ON the table.

I printed them full page on 8.5x11" paper, do these images have to be printed a specific size to work right?

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Can I get some help on this? I’ve updated to 1.8.0 SDK and rebuilt the image tracking sample but am still having the same problem. Once the image is recognized the AR “Frame” doesn’t line up with the image, it appears to be below it and to the right. It is tracking when I move my head but the error is always the same. Also the update rate of the track is quite slow, about 3 seconds.

I am using the provided NREAL snake image printed in color at 27cm across and I did update the image database with the correct size. I have checked to make sure the printed image was not cropped.