ImageTracking file identification

Hi, I am trying to spawn specific objects for each image in my model, is there a way to know which image is which? Can it be through the image file name? or should it be through the position on the data base accessing it through the console?

Hi developer. Please try to use the following script and print the corresponding ID of trackable images.

Get the id of trackable.
/// The data base index.
public int GetDataBaseIndex()
UInt32 identify = TrackableSubsystem.GetIdentify(TrackableNativeHandle);
identify &= 0X0000FFFF;
return (int)identify;

(The piece of codes are from NRTrackable.cs)


Could you expand on this a bit? When I reference it from another script, it executes, but can’t seem to get the returned value in order to display different things for each image

What did you get from the scripts above?