ImageTrackingCll is not Accepted in NRSDK Project Tips

I am currently setting up a development environment with Unity and NRSDK.
After importing the Unity package in NRSDK, the Project Tips window appears.
If I follow the documentation here and tap the Accept All button, everything is not resolved as shown below.

The problem with ImageTackingCll seems to be unresolved.
Tapping the Fix button does the same.
I cannot resolve the issue with the message “Has no execute permission”.
Please let us know how to respond to this issue.

Share the software version with the computer you are using.

MacBook Pro M2 Max (maxOS Sonoma 14.4.1)
Unity Editor 2022.3.29f1
Android Studio Jellyfish | 2023.3.1


Hi SadaoTokuyama,

It seems that you might have accidentally deleted the file below, which is causing the issue you mentioned. If you don’t need the image tracking feature, you can simply ignore this message. Otherwise, you can re-import the NRSDK to restore the file.