In AR mode (Air Space) black bars (top and-or bottom), not following my head

Hello, I bought the Nreal Air and in AR Space mode, with AR, no matter if I used the fixed mode and head tracking with calibration, I always see half of the screen. I have to go up and down and it’s black bars (up and/or bottom). Body tracking is broken for sure on my side. The head tracking works better but it’s way to low. It’s not in the middle. I have to put my eyes down to see. Any way to adjust and bring it up (centered/middle)

In the mirror mode, (Air Casting) I don’t have this problem. The picture is nice and love it and at the right spot. I can watch movies and Youtube, no problem.

But AR Space mode is a nightmare. Do I have defective glasses with defective tracking? Is it just me or an option that I am not seeing where I can bring the picture up?

Any help will be appreciated

Hi, sorry for this experience you had. Could you please tell me what phone model you are using? And you mentioned that you calibrated the image in AR mode, but still got half screen. Please try to change your nosepad and adjust the glass leg. If still the same, please record this issue and send us, we will check further for you.