In the MAC nebula - Can you add a display on in clamshell mode when Nebula is open when not connected to POWER

I want to use my laptop in a backpac and Now I cant make it work without having plug all the time.

It could be nice if you can add the Clamshell funtion to nebula when their is no power connected to the mac.

Like when you plug the power , everything stay in clamshell mode.

AND just found a bug , when you change the number of screen in nebula while in clamshell , everything bugs. ==— to let you know !!


anyone on this ?
really want to make this happen

I even start a post on reddit , We need to fix this.

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. We will take this into consideration. But maybe you can go to the settings and change the sleep mode for Mac at present?

I will have to do some testing , But Clamshell mode is very important for laptop user !

I really want to replace my monitor with the glass, And want a mobile setup.

Check the theard on reddit about this issues.
i personnaly only want to use the glass in clamshell mode with no power adapter plug into the laptop.

If you can help us find solution to this problem , that could be very good upgrade for your AR glass.

From one of the reply :
There is a fundamental issue.

  • A power source is necessary for the Nreal Air.

  • The Mac could not power an external monitor with the lid closed due to its power settings. At least it needs to be powered.

so at least we know where to look for. — Is that something that can be solve with SOFTWARE ?

with the help of MAC rumors , a user gave me this command at I can now use the NREAL AIR as expected.
Can you add it in the command line when we open nebula ? and close it when we close nebula ?

the command is to force your Mac to run in clamshell mode without a power adapter plugged in. I don’t know if this works in your particular situation but the command line is:

sudo pmset disablesleep 1

To renable it:

sudo pmset disablesleep 0

the last step really work , I use it for 5h straight .

Easiest method? Buy a cheap 4K dummy HDMI connector on amazon. The computer thinks its a display and when you plug in your nreal glasses it will instantly mirror it. Then you can use Nebula if you want just as usual.

Thanks for this info. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: But some Macbooks don’t come with an HDMI interface, I wondered if there is a Dummy USBC connector?

I used these terminal codes as well. Considering that this work-around works, then Nreal could enable this as a feature to select in Nebula for Mac