Inconsistency in compatibility

Hi there!

I’m trying to get hand tracking on my
OnePlus 8 (US Verizon 5G UW) IN2019
And I can’t get the hand tracking working with it.

When attempting to use in the table trenches game, it throws a blank error, and when I try the hand tracking in xrcube, it throws an error that says
“This device doesn’t support hand tracking calculation”

Here are some brief hardware specs for the IN2019:
CPU: Snapdragon 865
Android OS: 11

If anyone can help with this, I would appreciate it!

Android OS 10 works fine on OnPlus 8 pro. If your phone is rooted, try this:
adb root
adb shell setenforce 0

Or wait for the next update.

Noted. So just to make sure I have this right? I need to root it so I can downgrade the OS or I can wait for an update for OS 11, correct?

1.OS 10 for onePlus 8 pro have been tested
2.root the phone and close SElinux by setenforce 0 can solve the problem (tested by OS 11 for onePlus8 pro)
3.The next version of the algorithm will be compatible with most mobile phones and systems.

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Sorry for delayed reply. We will support more devices in the next release of SDK. You could try the below method if you can not use hand tracking with Snapdragon 865:
Execute the adb command:
adb root
adb shell setenforce 0
(The phone need to be rooted.)

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Thank you for informing me, but unless it’s absolutely necessary, I’d rather not root my phone since it would void the warranty and the insurance coverage I have on it.

If more support for other phones as well as Android 11 is coming with the next update, I’ll be patient.

Thank you for your support though, I appreciate it!