Interested in when the nreal will drop in the US

I was one of the first few people in the US to get a set of the actual nreal light units (paid way to much for them strait from Korea but you gotta pay to play) and have been waiting a long time for them to be fully working, there was supposed to be a release in the spring but still have not seen anything on this. They work ok with the universal app but it would be nice to have full functionality for them. My main use of them was Samsung Dex from my Note 10 but i have went threw a Note 20 ultra and now a fold 3 and still no official release here in the states for the nreal light.

I’m just speculating but I would guess early 2022 or during next summer. Let’s hope for the best

That’s something we all hope for. Consumer kit in the US is the next target apart from the other four countries - Germany, South Korea, Japan, Spain.

Before the official release, you can purchase a dev kit and use supported Android phones for development (for a full list of supported phones, please see: Nebula), which is completely same with developing with Comsumer Kit (Nreal Light).

Thank you!

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Well, I received an email from nreal saying they are coming to the US on the 18th of this month

well got my answer, figured it would be through T-Mo, but looks like its Verizon, as long as more apps keep showing up i will be fine. was just hoping it would get the ability to use 2D apps in MR mode