iPhone / adapter issue

I have an 3 apple products.
iPad Pro usb c with iOS 16, works fine with direct usb c
iPad lightning port iOS 15. Does not work with av connector
iPhone lightning port iOS 16 does not work with av connector.

The non working idevices both detect hdmi and displays on my computer monitor fine using the Apple AV dongle and a direct hdmi cable to my monitor. When I plug in my av dongle into the nreal adapter (fully charged) it will wake up and display leds that it is on. But the Air glasses will never activate nor can I power it up. The adapter does work, I had my Xbox hdmi connected to it and worked flawlessly. Something is wrong with signal getting to the glasses and not turning them on. My idevices detect the av dongle, adapter detects the signal and turns on, the usb-c cable to the glasses seems to not carry the signal or it’s unrecognized by the glasses. Not sure how to fix it. All nreal updates have been applied. Any ideas?

Hi, please try to reset the Network settings on your iPad and iPhone which come with the Lightning port.

I saw the post suggesting that. It did not help either. Something happened to the adapter and it now no longer displays with a direct hdmi connection to my Xbox. I’m going the return it and order a new one unless the adapter has some sort of master reset I can perform on it. The firmware is already up to date.

OK, there is no master reset for the adaptor. Replacing the current one is a good choice.

Is there a high failure rate on these adapters or something? I have a similar issue, and it seems weird that this is the solution. My bigger concern is what this implies for the upcoming Beam product - I can easily imagine similar issue affecting that product as well, which would effectively cripple the glasses for my use case

Hi, this issue is mainly because of the iOS update. Once the update, the accessory firmware requires to be installed again. But if your adaptor still doesn’t work no matter how you update or reset it, then please contact the after_sales team.