iPhone and Nreal Air usage instructions

If you want to use the Nreal Air with your iPhone, you will need both the Nreal Adapter and an Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter as the Nreal Air only accepts DP signals through a USB Type-C port, whereas the iPhone only has a Lightning port.

Only screen mirroring can be used with this combination. A 130-inch virtual screen will be placed 4 meters away; it will always remain in the center of your field of vision and follow your head movements. It can’t be resized or fixed in the air either.

:pushpin: You must adjust the brightness and volume on the glasses rather than on your iPhone.

By default, the right leg’s brightness button is used to adjust the brightness. It can be used as a volume control by giving the display on/off button a long press.

To activate the brightness adjustment feature once more, long press the display on/off button again.

You will be able to recognize the buttons after watching this video.

:pushpin: Please always use the Nreal Adapter and the official Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter.

:pushpin: There have been four reports of glasses that no longer function on iOS 16. We are attempting to identify the issue.