Is Image Tracking working slow?

Is Image Tracking working slow or it’s just me? I have to stand still in front of the image, close to it, for about 3 seconds for it to appear. Any help?

I have the same issue. I think they are still working on the process behind it.
Im used to the AR Foundation image tracking, which is pretty fast, so I guess its just the NREAL implementation.

I have the same issue. I am trying to figure out whether other sdk (such as EasyAR) can work with nreal. If not, I have to write it myself…

See how it works now with the new version of NRSDK.
If not, try Immersal (has support for nReal). Or if you need more information or we can help you somehow, enter the discord server.

Thank you! I will have a try.
By the way, I am trying with EasyAR and meet some problem. I wanna confirm whether nreal support my device, i.e., OnePlus 8T. Thank you!

Sorry that I mistake you as offical developer… Does the NRSDK 1.8.0 or Immersal help you?

I have not yet tested the differences between 1.7 and 1.8.
Immersal works great. You just have to map a certain area. If you want to change the location, another mapping. Now I want to use the navigation function and I have a problem with the cameras:|
Regarding the phone, I don’t know anything about OnePlus8T, but the boys on discord said is working on OnePlus 7

Thank you very much!

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I have tried EasyAR. It does help me for tracking image targets.

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I’m having the same problem with sdk 1.8, it takes 3 seconds to acquire the image and a second or two to update the position of the image if it’s moved. Also the frame being drawn around the image is positioned incorrectly, it appears to be down and to the right.

@bestemy96 Hi, Can you let me know how i can implement immersal sdk for image tracking in nreal light glass? i couldn’t find any information in their documentation .


Hi. Sure, just PM me in the Discird Server :grin:
But know that it is not for image tracking. Is more like “spatial tracking/mapping”

oh i see. I am looking for image tracking plugins to integrate in my app. the nreal image tracking only allows 10 images, i need to find something that does not have this limitation and works fast.

EasyAR? But is not that “easy”

:smile: @bestemy96
Let’s see if that works for me. thanks by the way

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