Is the nreal glass able to send commands through internet?

I just got my glasses and started playing around with it by creating some basic apps.
However, I am struggling to find a way for the nreal glass to have any kind of connection in an app.
I’d really like to know if its possible for the nreal glass to connect to the internet inside an app. I am well aware that you can scroll through websites and youtube etc when your launch nebula. I also know that it’s possible to connect to some network through the unity app. I am unsure however if this is compatible with the glass. The reason I’m asking all this is because I cant find anything online about it or any examples. My goal is to have the nreal glass communicate through a RESTFUL API depending on the input given by an user.

Please help a beginner out? If I’m unclear please do not hesitate to ask me to clarify my question. I’m new to this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I doubt if I understand your question and if it’s a beginner question. lol

As far as I know, an app needs to talk to the internet on its own, using whatever API chosen, and it is not banned.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, thanks for the reply anyway! I just wanted to know if I was able to make an nreal app in unity that can connect to the internet with whatever API.

NReal apps are just normal Android apps for the most part, but with a special 3D display and some extra API calls. So yes, you can make Android apps in Unity that work through the internet in the normal sense.

@josh @Pepe
I have just tried to connect to an API through the simulator and it worked perfectly!
However, when I launch the same app on my phone and I have internet enabled, it doesnt seem to connect to the API at all. Unfortunately I dont have the dev kit either. Any advice?


First of all, I don’t think a developer kit is necessary at this point, especially when the developer kit’s sdk and operating system is a bit dated compared to those of a phone running latest Nebula.

Second, I would probably make sure how the connection is established. Usually nothing “connects to an API”. Rather, a program might talk to something through an given API. In your case, your application connects/talk to something (a program running in a server/client device) through the API you chose.
So, when it worked perfectly, probably one device is your simulator and the other is your PC, and the connection is established using an IP address. Then it is possible that the simulator connects to your PC using some sort of a local IP address like 192.168.0.x, which becomes invalid when the program is moved to a phone. If the connection is established using IPs, you should probably use the IPv4 address of your PC and make sure it’s valid to your phone.

If my assumptions were wrong. It is also recommended to debug the internet connection portion separately from Nreal SDK. Like, you can write a blank HelloWorld application without running Nreal SDK and without glasses, and see if the connection can be established. In the great majority of cases, Nreal SDK doesn’t conflict with other SDKs so your connection API and SDK should work with or without Nreal SDK.

Hope helps :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your elaborated response, it helped solve my problem!