Is there a guide for how apps get chosen for Nebula


Is there a guide to explain the selection process for to be added to nebula? What topics are considered acceptable or not.

I have an idea for a MX app but wouldn’t want to invest time in money only to be told that it won’t work on Nebula etc.



Hi, really sorry about this. But we recommend you to download apps through MR Lab which is in MR Space, then you will not download some unsupported apps.
And if you download apps from GP by yourself instead of our MR Lab, then you may find some apps cannot be used for Air when you enter MR Space. Most of apps are uploaded to GP by developers instead of Nreal side. So some tips are not included.
Your suggestion is really appreciated, we will tell developer to add compatible glass model in game descriptions in future.

I think you answered a different question to the one in this thread.

But where can I find MR labs?

I can’t find it?

If there is no MR Lab icon in your MR Space, then there should be no available app for Air. Could you please tell me if you are in UK?

I have the same thing and am in the UK. Is this expected for there to be no MR Store? Is there any intended way for users to know new air-compatible apps that come?