Is there a way to force refresh rate to at least 60hz when using AR on Macbook to pop up 2-3 additional screens

Is there a way to force refresh rate to at least 60hz when using AR on Macbook to pop up 2-3 additional screens. Will there be future update that will allow this as it is a VERY useful valid business usecase but at 30Hz it will be hard even with strong AR legs…

Hi, the default refresh rate in our AR desktop is 72Hz.

It seems if I am using standard mirroring the screen doesnt flicker but when going into AR mode (2-3 screens) the refresh rate drop like crazy as it flickers hell. I read about it in multiple forms and it seems a lot of people are having that problem. Sorry, 30Hz was a typo, its just really low.

Is it possible to make it at least same so it doesnt flicker? Any workaround?

Could you please confirm if the glass is connected to your Mac directly? And the Mac Nebula version please.

Thank you sooooo much for such fast response, I have now ended up buying 3 :-P. This is a very promising thing from VR which is so invasive on the face. I connect it to the USB-C port on my Macbook Pro M2 directly with the given cable, no dongle or anything else.

It appears that I tested and it is running at 60hz but the 60hz when doing nebula ar jitters so much compared to the projection without nebula so therefore I thought it was due to the drop-in refresh rate. When using nebula desktop mac it flickers so much i get nauseus after 5 minutes does not happen in normal projection…If there is a way to make it a stable as when it is doing the normal projection without the app, pls let me know!!!

I also get the same flickering issue. I have M1 MacBook pro, Ventura 13.4.

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Do you have same problem on the Nebula app on mobile phone? When I am using Nebula on mobile phone it also flickers a lot when I move my head so I had to give up on that one but it appears not many people are using it anyways, my main use for the AR now is the Samsung DEX and will be trying the Nebula on Mac again to see if I can survive the flickering and not get too nauseous before I finish my work!! Do let me know if u guys find a workaround!!

Hi, could you please tell me what the specific phone model you are using?

Ok, please disregard my previous question, it was a jumbled mess -_-’ I have now got into reddit and did the Android update that now allows the glass to do 120Hz refresh rate in the mirroring mode but it did not serve the purpose completely because I wanted 120Hz in the Nebula on Mac virtual screens (multiple virtual monitor) and connecting to the Nebula on Mac would then force it back down to the previous (non-beta) version so I believe I will have to wait until the update is official then I assume the Nebula on Mac would then be on the same version as the .apk :slight_smile:

Have the same problem. I use Nebula 0.1.0, Macbook Air M1, Ventura 13.4.1.

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