Is there any light method to get RGB Texture vertically flipped?

I read texture using GetTexture() from NRRGBCamTexture.

I know I can simply rotate RawImage 180 degree or put negative on y-scale to see it in right direction.
But, I need a image in right direction since I should send it to server in byte[] format and get return from object detection network(which trained with images that are not vertically flipped).

I flipped Texture2D vertically by using a method which uses SetPixels() in For Loop, but it makes my application laggy because it uses so much computing resource in real time video capturing.

So, I hope to know if there is a method to get image in condition with vertically flipped or to make it flipped using little resource.

I don’t want to re-train my CNN…I have to flip all my train images and should wait for days to train,

Hi, probably you can re-render these images in GPU to save computing resource.

I had same experience but couldn’t solve that issue.
I just trained my model again.