Is there anyway to use multy camera view in Unity? (NRSDK 1.10.1)

I want to overlay a small map on the screen using ArcGIS SDK.

So I make camera object(not NRCameraRig prefab) looking the map. After, I changed the clear flags property of the camera object to Depth only.

It be worked on my unity development enviroments.

However, the camera scene was not visible in the built apk.

Is there some other solution? or … Was I doing it the wrong way?

Hi, please always use the NRCameraRig for this kind of change, because it is required for our glass.

Thanks you. Reply
Then, How do I fix the canvas obejct or some object to be fixed on my screen?
In interact-with-unity-ui-tutorial example, Screen’s Render mode should be ‘world space’. Then, The canvas obejct is not fixed on my glasses window. Is there any tutorials or example? or Is that impossible feature?

Maybe you can set the canvas to follow your head, like what the following project shows.

Thanks you
it is working on my project !_!
I’m sorry for asking so many questions in short time. But If you ok, I want to ask one more question.

I want use mapbox sdk with nrsdk.
But error is occured when import mapbox sdk in my project folder.
In my opinion, /NRSDK/Scripts/Utility/Async folder’s all files is existed in MapBoxSDK too.
If you know some case using both sdk, Can you inform to me?

Hi, I haven’t seen this kind of use case. But maybe you can try to compare these two folders and check if there is any difference.

i’m not sure if it applies here, but i’ve run into a similar issue where i had to add a “pickFirst” rule for a library that was trying to be compiled twice:

what error are you getting?