Issue to use OWC Thunderbolt Hub with iPad, xReal Air


I bought an OWC Thunderbolt Hub:

to connect my iPad to the hub, getting power, and then using one of the Thunderbolt/USB-C video outputs of the hub, to connect to xReal air. That way i can charge my iPad while watching something on xReal Air.

Works find with my MacBook, but does not work with the iPad, once I plug it, the iPad screen gets dark and a “wait” icon appears. I can hear sound on xReal Air, also see the symbol on the iPad that I am connected, but don’t get a video.

Any idea, if this could be fixed?
Which alternative USB C docks (looking for smallest possible size) could I consider?

Hi, we have not tested any plug-and-play hub for iPad. Not sure any other similar adaptor can be used.