Issue with xReal Beam Wired Connection

Hi, I am trying to use xreal Beam with xReal Air with a wired connection:

  • Chromecast with Google TV HDMI into xreal HDMI to USB C Adapter into Beam - does not work
  • iPad to Beam - does not work
  • Google Pixel 8 with beta version (connects via USB C to xReal Air directly) - does not work into Beam

Beam is on latest version.
I assume I just have to plug the USB-C cable in, but nothing works.
I am using the cable that came with the beam, which works between those devices in Air directly, also switched to the cable for the glasses - don’t get any of those wired connections to work.

Any suggestion?

Hi, HiFly. Sorry about the experience on our Beam. Could you please confirm the following items?

  1. Can the Beam and Air glass work without connecting other external devices?
  2. Can the wireless connection work when casting from your iPad?

just tried again, now everything works, maybe needed beam restart after upgrade?

Can share ipad full screen wired or even wireless, so I can charge Ipad and beam while watching
same for Android, can cast screen completely wirelessly, or connect wired
Android Chromecast also works through cable

OK, Glad to hear it. :blush:

For the wireless options, I have encountered the issue that using the beam to connect my headset, results in audio being offset.

Is that a known issue? Any approach to fix that?

With that wireless is not useable.

Wired works from I pad since I can send audio from iPad to headphones, while sending video to beam. Wired from Android, streaming audio to headphones seems not possible, need to test again …