Issues with NRSensors - Generic camera databytes error

I have used Immersals mapper app to map out an area for my point-cloud. When using their mapper app with my android, the map localizes correctly, but when I try to do it with my Nreal light goggles, It doesn’t.

I’m using one of their sample projects as a base for my application as they have a branch dedicated to nreal compability, you can read more about it here: Immersal + Nreal.

The issue I’m facing is that the map loads correctly, but the NRSensors doesn’t localize it. I don’t know if I have missed something in my setup or what the issue might be, but this behaviour is very odd. This does not strike me as much of a Immersal SDK issue, as it is the Nreals sensors that won’t cooperate. Has anyone else had similiar issues with the sensors? I’ve been stuck on this a couple of days

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Solved it by turning off YUV in the NRLocalizer component on the immersalSDK! :smiley: