Laser Pointer in Nebula (Android) is kind of stuck


I got the Air 2 pro. I finally got the Nebula App 3.6.0 working on my Honor View 20. AR space ist working.
I can’t use the laser pointer! When I move my phone like suggested, it’s like it “tries” to move but is stuck to a fixed point. It moves a little bit but it’s like fixed with a flexible bonding - don’t know how to describe…
I mean the sensors seem to work.

Any suggestions or ideas?


I am actually very surprised you got that far, because that phone has one of these now very rare Kirin chips according to gsmarena…

Somewhere in this forum or even on their main site they mention, that they require a “modern” Snapdragon SoC for Android-“Nebula”. Those have Hexagon DSPs which are quite a mixed bag of functionalities many of which may be proprietary and not supported equally on other SoCs via Android standards.

So if the AR space works, that is actually a nice surprise, because that would seem to indicate that raw sensor data fusion seems to work, which sounds like the more complicated part in my book.

The pointer is just using the sensors within the phone and while not every handsets supports every type of sensor, just reading them seems to be standard Android APIs.

So either it’s just a bug or the app relies on a type of sensor that the Kirin simply doesn’t have…

There is a degree of funtional overlap or redundancy between the sensors to cancel out the weaknesses one sensor might have via data from another. That list and the combinations of sensors has grown over time and it doesn’t seem to be uniform or mandatory.

The diversity of the Android eco-system makes it a challenge to develop and maintain apps that operate close to the metal on Android.

Xreal should probably publish a list of sensors required so you can check with tools like CPU-Z if that sensor is available and provides data.