Latest Nebula and XReal 2 pro update is not working properly

The latest update of Nebula for Mac, that also triggered an update im the glasses XReal 2 Pro is not working properly.
The mouse is moving slow, sometimes with jumps and the everything in the mac is hanging or not responding properly.
When starting AR with 3 screens, the left screen is mirroring the one In the middle.
When I select an app that is open in a hidden desktop, the image gets distorted with 2 screens partially overlapping each other.
Sometimes when trying to fix it by switching to one screen and back to 3 , the image of the 3 screens shows In the laptop instead of the glasses and starts looping into 6 screens, 12 screens, …, infinite screens.

Hi, could you please confirm the Mac version (M series or Intel) and MacOS version for me? Also, which mode did you enable? 72Hz or 90Hz.

I have a MacBook Pro 13-inch 2020, Intel 1,7 Ghz Quad-core
I’m using macOC sonoma 14.4.1
I’m selecting the 72Hz mode

Hi, could you please check if the following setting is enabled on your Mac?

Yes, it is. Otherwise it doesn’t work since macOC sonoma update

Please try to submit the log file through the ‘Feedback’ button in the Nebula application. We will try to analyze the log file.

I have submitted now the logs through the nebula feedback option.
Included a link to this ticket in the feedback comments.

And I’m also uploading here a photo of the Mac screen with one of the situations explained above. The same thing is shown on the glasses screen. This happened when activating the 3 screen view.

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Is there an older (beta) version? I’m using 0.8.0 and having the simular problems. Any update on how to fix it?