Lemorele LD48L HDMI to USB-C 120 Hz issue

Has anyone try 120 Hz with Lemorele HDMI to USB-C adaptor? I’ve tried connect my Glasses to my laptop and able to select 120 Hz option. However, 120 Hz option is not available when I connect it with my Desktop Gaming PC (no Thunderbolt or USB-C DP available) through Lemorele HDMI to USB-C which also has USB-C PD on it as well.

This is the adaptor: https://th.aliexpress.com/item/1005005434075296.html?gatewayAdapt=glo2tha

Does anybody able to select 120 Hz option with this adaptor?

Hi, we tested several third-party adaptors, and not all of them support 120Hz. So please make sure the adaptor you mentioned does support 120Hz.

Надо зажать на очках “+” На 6 сек и после второго сигнала отпустить.И тогда пк поймет очки и даст переключать hz 90-120

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i have the same adapter and it works for me with 120hz. You have to update your glasses at the xreal website and use the brightness up button for 6sec to activate 120 hz.

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