Lets share Tracking Images?

Hey everyone,

I have been playing around with custom tracking images (I always used the Nreal default ones until now). And although I get high scores in the Unity Editor, the glasses rarely recognize them when used IRL.
The NREAL default images work quite consistently, so tracking in general shouldnt be the issue.

It might be interesting to share trackables, and the experience of using your own trackable to create some list of whats works and what does not. There’s some info on the site, but its quite limited on best practices.

I havent been able to create a consistently good trackable, I will post one over here once I got one that works well.


Hi Developer, could you please share the screenshots of your scores in Unity? Also, please share the pictures you used here? Then I can try it internally. Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Ofcourse, this is one of the images out of many that I tried out.
The trackable had a score of 65/100
I tried a couple of varients with backgrounds, without backgrounds, different dancers, text above/below. Different positions of the characters.
Most of these had a 60+ score, but none of them worked.

Hi, I used the picture you sent, and re-created database. Please check the attached two pics. And it tracked well on my screen, I just put the picture on my expanded screen and it tracked well. Please check if there is something wrong setting in your Unity?

Hi Dev,

Sorry for the late reply. I was temporarily unavailable to further investigate this specific feature.

I have re-created the database, as I did before, and can again confirm that the glasses will barely pick up any of the example images, and will not recognize my own image at all.

I tried showing the image on multiple monitors, with NRSDK 1.8.0 & the latest Nebula version without any luck. I have the exact same scores as you have shown,

Can this be an issue with the camera on the Dev-Kit? As I have now had the same issue with 2 separate kits (both Red Dev Kits).

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards

Please check if your glass can be plane detection well, also, maybe you can try NRSDK V1.9.1 to do test. And I think it should not be caused by dev-kit.

I just upgraded to 1.9.1, and the device still wont detect images (I tried for 5 minutes and it wont detect any at all).

Hand Tracking works fine. Plane tracking works, but the results are not amazing.

I am using the NRSDK included Demos, just to be sure

I dont have time to check it further before tonight. But ill attach logcat later to see if I get any unexpected on-device warnings.

Could you please attach the configuration pages of your images? Just like what I attched above?

I have just recreated the trackable once again, made a completely new build, and restarted my device. After looking at the image for about 2 minutes it was finally recognized, but it keeps loosing the trackable, and will only recognize it at certain angles.

The tracked point also seems to be 10cm or so away from the actual location of the image in the physical space, and is shifting its location based on the angle you are looking from. I added a small schematic to show what I mean with this.

Its clear now that the trackable does work, but that the image tracking is not very consistent / reliable.
Is there a known way to improve this?


Hi @XREAL-dev

I used the latest SDK version (1.9.3), and image tracking is working again as expected.


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Glad to hear that it worked again.