Locating objects in space

I am trying to place in space some objects but keep moving each time one gets off sight.

I have used the Image Tracker to have them center to an image, but it won’t be as accurate as I need them to be. Is it that the technology is still not there?

Any recommendations or useful tools on geolocating/grounding objects to be still and more precise in position? Thank you!

Hi, if you followed the guide and still got enough accuracy, then the algorithm cannot meet your requirement. We are also trying to improve this part.

Hi! thanks for the prompt response. I followed the available image tracking tutorial and guide, are you referring to any other? Is there any other way to locate an object or fix an object to space? Or to get the cameras to recognize space? Thank you!

That tutorial is what I meant. If you want to locate an object, maybe you can try Plane detection?