Looking for business cases

New in here.
I work as an consultant for companies. I don’t do programming, unless it is very simple, I just talk a lot, lol, and then I send it to you developers. I have a pair of Nreal ligth glasses, but not a supported phone yet. From the pc I can just transfer the screen.

I think there could be a ton of business cases for Nreal, just as we have seen with Hololens.

I am looking for some business cases and proof of concepts for business, like used in manufacturing and quality/audit or training as we have seen a lot of in VR. Apps and videos on youtube.

I already know Spatial well.

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How can I send u a PM here? :smiley:

First test of willpower and endurance :wink:

The following app will be used for the remote support use case in manufacturing sector.

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