Low Speaker Volume Issue on Nreal Light

I think there are a few other threads about this but I don’t think any of them had any response from an nreal dev. The issue is that, the speaker volume, even when set to the max level, is very quiet. At less than about 65% volume it is inaudible to me. I first noticed this while testing a live chat app I am working on but have since then noticed this on built-in apps so it must be a system wide speaker issue. I’d love to know if this is a hardware limitation, software issue, or both. And also if there are plans for NReal to address this issue any time soon. Thanks!

Hi, developer, the volume of Light from my side is OK I think. Could you please catch a full log when you test the volume in Nebula? Then we may get the volume info from your log.

Here is a link to a google doc which contains the log I captured.

During this log session I adjusted the volume several times, ranging from hardly audible and couldn’t distinguish speech (about 50%), to 100% volume. I think for me the comfortable range was about 90% - 100% volume. I’d expect comfortable volume to be down in the 60% - 70% range at least and the full range described to be in the 10% - 70% range. Greater than 70% I’d expect the volume to start going above the comfortable range.

To test I simply watched a youtube video of someone talking at a normal volume and the video volume was set to 100%. I’d like to know if my expectations are in line with your experience and if so, Is there a way to fix this?

Hi, developer, the volume of the application is determined by the volume of the sound source in the project and the volume of the mobile phone system. From your log, it seems that you have already tried to adjust the volume of the project. Have you tried to adjust the mobile phone’s volume? (For reference, when I set the in-app volume to 1, and the phone’s system volume at about 80%, it started to get out of the comfort range.)