M2 Max sleep and wake probs

No big deal but when I sleep my M2 max and then wake it firstly my screens are redisplayed in random locations and in random sizes. Eventually I hope you can have a “restore windows to original positions” option.

At the same time my mouse does not appear to work with the desktops shown and it follows my head where ever I turn it. I cannot click on anything. Luckily, and I have not tried this yet, I read in this forum it was a 4th virtual overlay screen the mouse goes to and supposedly I should be able to bring the mouse back to the 3 screens by dragging it down and to the left. (again I have not tried that yet.) The option I’ve been using is to just unplug the Airs and plug them back in then restart Nebula but its a pain in the arse.

Only had these Airs for a week now and I already use them full time. Loving the 3 large virtual screens and the ability to easily look down to see the touch pad and keyboard.

Thanks XReal!

Hi, gabekuzman. The sleep mode of the Mac interrupts the process of the Nebula software, resulting in the issue. I will promptly report this and initiate a discussion with the R&D team.

Thanks for the info and thanks for looking into it. :wink:

UPDATE: After sleeping my Mac last night and waking it this morning the mouse was again on the virtual screen 4 so I tried the “move the mouse to the lower left” trick to get to the other 3 screens and sure enough, it worked, for anyone else having this problem. Sure beats having to unplug the Airs and restarting Nebula.

Not having to restart Nebula also means my screen layout I had before sleeping my mMac was in the same config as I left them. Awesome!

Loving these Airs!

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