Mac OS says NRSDK can not be verified / possible malware

Hello there,

was trying today to build the standard HelloMR demo project with Unity on Mac OS.

While building, the following prompt appeared and I could not continue the build:

Seems like some part of the NRSDK can not be verified (or its developer) and so can not be used.

Does anyone know how to work around this?

Thank you!

Hi, could you please tell me what version of Unity you are using? Please tell me the specific version number. Thanks in advance.


thanks for your help,

I am on

Unity 2021.3.8f1 Intel Version
Mac OS 12.3.1
Macbook Pro M1 (Apple Silicon)


Hello, you can fix this problem by closing the trackableImageTools manually in the sample scene or setting the permission in System Preference SettingSecurity & Privacy.

Thanks Doris, setting permission worked.

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