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I don’t own one of your glasses but I’m thinking about purchasing one. To me, your Nebula for mac and the ability to have multiple virtual screens is a killer use case. I’d love to see a lot more development there.

I have a few questions:

  1. I recently purchased quest 2 to use its virtual desktop capability and I was very disappointed that the text was very blurry and It made it unusable. I wanted to understand from the current owners of Nreal and those who have used it for their macs about their experience. Is the text clear?

  2. What are the current shortcomings of Nebula for mac? Can you have 3 screens? Are they jittery? Is it genuinely usable right now or does it require more work?

  3. What is the timeline for future updates to the Nebula Mac?

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Hi, thanks for noticing our glass. The text display on the virtual screen is good from my experience. But there is still a little jitter(which is better than the previous version), I can accept the current version, not sure if it is also OK for you. And we are still doing work on Mac, the next version will be released recently.


Would that also be a possibility for Ubuntu (or any Linux) desktop users? We developers could really benefit from a multi-virtual screens setup.

Much appreciated


Hi, we are now doing our work on Mac and Windows. Linux support will be considered, but I think that the priority is lower than the above two platforms.

I have an nreal light and am a software dev. I think you’d find that if you layed the groundwork on an open source Linux app, others would finish it for you. I know I would contribute.

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Is the new nebula for mac version is suppose to solve the jitter? If so, when is it planned to be released? Also, will you guys plan on supporting more than 3 virtual monitors?

Hi, the next new version will not solve the jitter totally, it supports intel Mac and stepless adjustment.

when is this releasing for use on Linux? ubuntu? Can you provide details for the github project with source so this can move along faster with help from the community?

I’m using mine right now to mirror the internal display of my 2019 MacBook without any added software. I’ve used them before as an external display.

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I’ve used my Nreal Airs while learning new coding frameworks on a Macbook Air M2 for example. Three screens work quite well, but two is really good with e.g. a video course on one screen and VSCode on the other. With just two screens I don’t have to turn my head too much (I center my view between the two screens).

The vertical resolution is less good, but ok. Text is really well readable and the screens are very bright (if I want it, which I do).

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So glad to hear that you like our Air glass and Mac Nebula. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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