MacOS Nebula feedback

I’ve been using the Nebula for MacOS application for awhile now as my main work display (software engineer) as its easier than carrying around additional displays when i travel.

So figured I’d provide some feedback on the current state and my experience using the setup.
Laptop: Macbook air M2 2022
HMD: Nreal Air


  1. The Nebula app has a tendency to change input to the ‘parent/host’ screen so you can no longer interact with the more clearly visible projected monitors. Closing one eye and moving to the VERY top of the visible area you can kind of make out the system/notification area and reset the AR app (change to 2 monitors then back to 3).
  2. Apple mac’s are not correctly earthed/grounded so when on charge AND touching the case (resting hands on macbook chasis) the metal nose section of the NReal Air WILL mildly electrocute your nose. This starts to actually hurt over time. Workaround, use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse ( so theres no contact with the actual macbook ) or do not charge while wearing the Nreal glasses. Solution tell apple to correctly wire their devices for safety or replace the nose supports on the glasses with a non conductive material instead of metal.
  3. While using the Nebular app and closing the macbook lid (stays on if on charge and has a keyboard and mouse attached) the center of the 3 projected displays is not accessible.
  4. Randomly some apps will open off screen. meaning not on any monitors projected or otherwise. Changing number of monitors on the nebular app and sometimes restarting can force them to open correctly again.


  1. Make closed lid work correctly so I dont need the macbook open to use the virtual screens. Helps for work security so no one else can see what I’m working on while out (currently I have to reduce the screen brightness to zero)
  2. Make a HMD that is wireless, cable for a portable belt style battery would be fine just wireless display to the actual processing machine.
  3. fix the nose support so it cant electrocute you anymore
  4. Release a version for Intel based mac’s. I’m supposed to use the clients provided device, however thats an intel based mac and the nebula app doesnt support it. Reasons range from data security to gadget insurance issues.
  5. provide an adjustable and removable headband that can better support the glasses. connecting the arms to create a complete headstrap/band similar to the after market silicon one i have now. Helps to reduce stress on your nose after prolonged use as the glasses are quite heavy for glasses and do slide down your nose easily after a few hours in a warm climate.
  6. Make the 3 projected monitors all additional monitors to the macbooks built in screen. Meaning a total of 4 displays. Useful to have the macbook screen display non sensitive information or just keep apps that need less attention on there such as team chats, background music/vidoes.

Using the nebula app while on a transport such as a plane, train, bus or car is problematic as when the vehicle turns it thinks your head has turned and the displays will wonder off. I cant imagine there being a practical solution to this while still supporting 3dof but something to note.

I dont use the phone app as its incredible unstable, every update breaks something and there are no ‘useful’ apps for me (great if you can find a use for the limited apps). Side screen would be great if you could turn the phone display off, so you could watch something or use a navigation app while walking but needing the screen on makes this pointless.

Anyway hope the feedbacks useful to someone.

Hi, thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

  1. Currently, the mechanism of Mac Nebula is to copy the main screen and re-render it to three virtual screens. So the lid cannot be closed. But we will try to find other mechanisms and meet your requirement;
  2. Wireless HMD is our goal;
  3. We don’t notice this kind of issue, I will give feedback and fully test it internally;
  4. Intel version support is always in our roadmap, we are trying to fix some bugs for this version.
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just as a note as its probably related. when apps open but not on any visible display i feel its opening in another workspace as when you try to maximise the app it screws the display on the nreal device so you cant make anything out. like its got half of different displays for each eye, only the key shortcuts to move apps between workspaces doesnt work.

Just one more thing i noticed which is probably related to how the displays are copied. In a web browser when you activate a drop down. its unable to detect if its at the bottom of the screen or not. So menu’s that should open upwards when near the bottom of the screen instead open downwards and are clipped as they extend past the bottom of the screen. Doubt its fixable while copying displays like this but just a note.

Thank you for your feedback, we will pay attention to checking the related issues.