Making videos/screenshots from a VR application

Dear Nreal community,

I am trying to use the NRVideoCapture and NRPhotoCapture classes to make videos/screenshots from my VR application.
The main issue I am currently facing is that the world position of the NRCameraRig is not considered.
I am always geeting videos/screenshots from the position 0,0,0.
Does anyone know this issue and does anyone have a solution for it?

Phone: OPPO Find X3 Pro
Unity: 2021.3.3f1
SDK: Unity SDK 1.9.3

Best regards,

Are you using the NReal Light glasses or Air glasses??

I am using Nreal Light glasses.

Are you implementing your own scene?? Have you tested the sample scenes from the NRSDK for recording??

I have created my own scene where the NRCameraRig is wrapped in a GameObject that is moved around in a VR world. Works great on the glasses, only recordings did not work. However, I was able to find and fix the issue in the NRkernal.Record.CaptureBehaviourBase class. The UpdateHeadPoseByTimestamp method gets the local head pose and applies it to the capture camera (which has a world position of 0,0,0). I could fix it by applying the NRSessionManager.Instance.CenterCameraAnchor instead of the local head pose. Now I am getting accurate videos/screenshots.