Microphone Access and audio streaming

Hello, is there a way to access the microphone to register audio without registering video, using the glasses with the computing unit?
I guess we can save a .mp4 file but is there a way to costantly read audio instead, without saving files?
I’ve already tried with Microphone.Start but i get neither audio feedback or error in console.
Thank you!

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Don’t know If that’s possible but I would do the next best thing if I were you and that is converting the mp4 file to mp3.

Well that’s too bad, thank you anyway.

@XREAL-dev Is there hope to see this supported on a future release of the nrsdk? Thank you

Did you check that permissions were set correctly on Android before. This piece of code from the Video Capture SDK code might help:

NRAndroidPermissionsManager.GetInstance().RequestAndroidPermission(“android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO”).ThenAction((requestResult) =>
if (requestResult.IsAllGranted)
// Start the Microphone here.
else {
NRDebugger.Error(“Record audio need the permission of ‘android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO’.”);
var result = new VideoCaptureResult();
result.resultType = CaptureResultType.UnknownError;
NRSessionManager.Instance.OprateInitException(new NRPermissionDenyError(NativeConstants.AudioPermissionDenyErrorTip));