MiniPCs that can use NReal Airs for a display?

I’ve been using my glasses as a second display for my MacBook without Nebula.
I’m thinking along the lines of a Raspberry Pi, although I think I’d prefer Intel architecture because it would be easier to turn into a Linux development platform.
I already looked at my RPi4 but it wouldn’t work.

Hi, we never tested the Raspberry Pi board, not sure if it works. But we are developing Windows SDK, maybe it can be used on RPi?

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Not really what I’m asking. The Raspberry Pi use an ARM processor so it couldn’t run Windows.
I’m looking for a mini PC that has the hardware to use the glasses as s display.
I also want to be able to use them with my phones and keep them charged. To me, this is a major problem.

I see, I’m not sure about what kind of mini PC can be used with our glass. But we are doing the related work about play&charge.

Wow so there is Windows SDK :heart::heart::heart:

Can’t wait to try it :+1:

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Unfortunately it couldn’t display over USB Type C on RPi4 :frowning: .

Yes, there is. And it is in the final stage. :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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Windows might be a good solution as an ARM version of windows 11 is available now! :slight_smile: