Miracast or Chromecast mirroring so we can show what the glasses are showing


I would like to share with my students what another student is wacthing in the nreal glasses but whenever I click on “screen share” in my Oppo Neo3 it disconnect the feed.
Has anyone suscesfully clone or found anyway to show what the Nreal are displaying?


Hi. Maybe you can use a compatible phone with the Android 11 system version. And then use Scrcpy to display what is shown in the glass.


Thanks for answering. SCRCOPY shows the secondary display in scrcpy.exe --display 9 , but it is all black. I don’t know how to continue.

Any ideas?. THANKS

Please check if the system version of your phone is Android/ColorOS 12?

As you can see it is a Android 13, an Oppo find X3 Pro. Is it enough?


It also doesn’t support Scrcpy on Android 13.

OH!!! What if I use the dev kit. That litle device that does not have a screen, do you think it could work? The dev kit says Android 8.0

Dev kit is OK, I tried scrcpy on Dev kit for many times. :grin:


I managed to open the scrcpy and I can use the dev kit. But whenever I change to the “glasses” camera, It goes all black. I see that the aspect ratio is ok, but I can not see anything. What could it be?

Thansk a lot for your support.