Motorola edge 30 pro not working with Xreal Light after android 13 update

After I updated my Motorola Edge 30 pro from Android 12 to Android 13, the Ready For application does not open automatically, the screen of Xreal Light also does not light up.

After I tried reinstalling Nebula, this error was displayed
“sorry the current device is still being adapted and temporarily unavailable”

Motorola Edge 30 pro
Android version 13
software version: T1SHS33.35-23-20-9

Nebula version: v3.6.0(4366)
Xreal Light firmware version:

Hi, does the Light work normally before updating the phone system? Please try to connect the Light glass to your PC(comes with USB-C and DP output), and check if the glass has images.

Hi, Light was working fine before the update. When I connect to the PC, there is also an image on the glasses

Then the issue should be on the phone instead of the glass. The DP signal cannot be detected by the Nebula app.

Thank you for your answer, i wanted to ask what is the difference after i reinstall Nebula? Previously, even though there was no image on the glass, it seemed that Nebula still recognized Nreal Light without reporting that error.

From what I know, there is a function like desktop mode on Motorola phones, which will occupy the video output before the glass shows images. Also, I noticed that you updated the system version to Android 13, please note that the phone model is not on our compatibility list, even the Android 13 is not officially supported yet. That is why I let you test the glass and see if it is working on your PC.

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