MR Apps Recommendation for Nreal Light Glasses🤩

We’d like to introduce some brilliant MR apps to you, they are available on Google Play and Nebula. Discover and give them a go! Share your user experience here!

【STYLE for Nreal】

【Return to Base】



  1. ARON AR is a tutorial app for Nreal that augments cultural, tourism, and space content in front of your eyes, allowing you to resize, rotate, and view various educational content at will.
  2. ‘AR Bulguksa’ for culture/tourism
  3. ‘AR Solar System’ for space science education
  4. ‘AR Masterpiece Museum’ unfolding before my eyes

【Ghost Hunter for Nreal(Demo)】

【Stackaar(Early Access)】

【Dunkaar(Early Access)】

【Awakening(Early Access)】

  • Developer: forwARdgame

  • Google Play Store Link:

  • Region:DE, US, CN, JP, KR, ES

  • Language: DE, EN

  • Intro:Awakening is a long dreamt vision of fantasy game where a player controls a dragon collects potions and fights other dragons. This is the first part of the saga where the dragon is awakened and enters his first fight.

【Figmin XR - Nreal DEMO】

  • Developer:Overlay

  • Google Play Store Link:

  • Region:All

  • Language:EN

  • Intro:Figmin XR is a multi-purpose application for easily creating, discovering & playing in augmented reality. For Play, Figmin has a built-in Physics Editor to bring your models to life. It gives users complete control of how objects will behave by adjusting their physical properties. You can even play in zero gravity!

【Table Trenches Nreal】

How to install google play store in the computing unit?