MR Space compatibily phone or nebula version?

I’m using a Samsung N20 Ultra 5G (SM-N986B) and when loading Nebula it doesn’t show the MR option, only AR and Mirror.
I’m using Universal version 3.2.1

Antonio Cesar

Hi Antonio, we have changed the function description in V3.0 Nebula, it is AR Space instead of MR Space now. Hope it is clear to you.

As a latecomer I’ve wondered about why the Xreal glasses were advertising augmented reality, when they clearly are not.

It seems that engineering knew what they created originally and then marketing evidently decided to rebrand.

But rebranding cannot change physics…

Augmented reality means you retain reality and have it augmented.

And in the case of the Xreal glasses that is definitely not the case in the area occupied by the OLED screens: the degree of transparency is so low that you cannot e.g. read text on a screen or wall behind, even navigating your environment safely and avoiding obstacles (including other humans) is a challenge.

Worse, even the area below, where the glasses in the Pro case basically just provide three degrees of shading, even the lowest setting does not provide enough transparency to retain reality or enable using a laptop monitor below the projection area of the OLEDs, even at the brightest levels, which are eye searing without glasses.

Mixed reality was honest, because it covers a wide range that doesn’t necessarily include virtual reality nor augmented reality. As the Xreal glasses do not fully qualify for VR nor for AR, that was a proper term and match. And clarifying exactly what you potentially can offer and will continue to support, remains an open obligation, especially after removing Nebula for Windows and Mac from the home-page.

Overselling may work short term, but defrauds consumers and kills companies in the longer term.