MR space glitchy and freezes!?! Help or advice please

Using the Nreal Air with an Oppo Find x2 pro phone.

Latest nebula app too.

Hi, please check if you disabled the ‘Automatic Adjustment of Brightness’.

Mine is having the same problem, Oppo Find x3 Pro. MR space un-usable. Freezes, stutters glitchy. The pointer from the phone lags greatly. Casting works perfectly.

We finally found out what the problem was! If anyone ever has a problem where the MR space just crashes on startup and begins to heavily shake, make sure that the truetone/naturetone functionality on your phone is turned off. With our device it was turned on by default and it prevented MR space to work

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That worked!!

Thank you so much…

Next two questions…

  1. In screen mirror mode, can you 3d lock the glasses??

  2. on the demo, it shows multiple sports games playing at the same time on the MR Screen mode. I’ve tried to play multiple screens at once but it will only let me play one at a time… Is there a workaround before the football season starts??

Lastly, will there be more features added to the MR screen over time??

Thank you for your patience

Glad to know that you can use MR Space normally. About your questions, please check the following answers:

  1. Under Air Casting mode, it only has 0Dof which means the image in glass follows your head, so doesn’t support 3D lock;
  2. Could you please share the demo with me? Thanks in advance.

If you go to this site, then scroll to the demo at the bottom. Swipe to the third demo, and you can see multiple screens playing NFL matches.

OK, that is the MR app which is still in development, and it is developed by EE.