MRTK and hand Tracking

Has any one used the GitHub project to combine MRTK and Real hand tracking needed some help setting it up…

Yes I integrated it, what’s the issue?
My only problem is that i can’t interact with Canvas… apart from this it works perfectly.

Greate work. I think i saw the video. I was already searching for the lib.
Do you have experience with one Project for Nreal and HoloLens 2?

Yeah Takashi did a great job!
I’m currently porting a HL2 app on Nreal but I’m struggling a little to be honest…

I am facing some problems regardind the unity project. The apk wirks fine on my NReal device.
Have any of you tried to build and apk from Unity using the projects from this git? My major problem is the namespace ARFukuoka on the scripts. Every time I try to build, I receive the message that the Unity is importing assets, but it isn`t and I also receive errors regarding that namespace (mssing assemble)