My glasses stopped working all of a sudden

Been using the nreal airs with my Samsung S21 plus for months with no problems at all brilliant experience but all of a sudden they stopped displaying anything on screen but i do get sound. The nebula app presents me with this screen when i plug my glasses in. Dex is off, glasses are activated and updated to lates firmware on pc. I also noticed my pc doesn’t recognise them as an external display anymore and they were previously.

Hi, the current issue should be caused by cable or the type-C interface of glass. Could you please check if the cable you used and the connection are OK, especially the connection on the glass end?

Thank you for the quick reply.

I did wonder if this is the case as on further testing i found that a direct feed using and hdmi to type c works. So for some reson the glasses are not able to tell the conneced device that it’s an external display. Although devices do recognise the glasses, my pc chrome popup sees them as nreal air and my phone opens the nebula app.

As far as i can tell both the wire and usb c connection on the glasses look fine with no visible signs of damage. I guess first thing to try is a new cable. Is it possible to get a replacement cable?

Thanks, Jamie

Make sure DeX is disabled in the notification shade, I have seen this error appear when I try to open nebula but I have DeX turned on.

Thanks for your suggestion. Dex is off. Previously I was able to use Dex. When Dex is on, Dex doesn’t find my glasses anymore either. :expressionless:

Could you please tell me where you purchased the glass? From EE?

Yes they were purchased from EE.

@Pixel5urfer , Were you able to solve this issue? I am having the exact issue with glasses now and looking for a solution…

@XREAL-dev , What does EE mean? What is the solution for this problem?