My Ideal Next Gen Nreal Glasses

Hello Nreal Air users!

As a satisfied owner of these Nreal Air glasses, I would like to propose some improvements that could enhance the experience even further. These are just my suggestions, but I hope they can be taken into consideration for the next version of Nreal glasses. Here are my ideas:

Adding support for 4K resolution for even more realistic visuals.

Improving peripheral vision by increasing the field of view.

Adding volume buttons or zoom in/out function to the built-in display.

Adding a function to block light coming from below the glasses.

What do you think about these suggestions? Do you have any additional ideas for Next Gen Nreal Glasses? Share them in the comments and let’s hope they can be implemented in the future!

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I love that we as a user community can talk about our experiences and needs. This is a great topic g4dz10r3k

Im all for the volume buttons. One can also play with a touch bar where you only need to slide on it for adjustments. The same for the brightness. They are less prone to breaking than buttons. It does have its downside that if you accidentally touch them while adjusting the glasses you change your settings. So playing around with where to put them there might be a viable place that is out of accidental touch.

Will be cool if you could add adjustments for myopia so that you don’t need prescription lenses. I don’t have knowledge if prescription lenses is some way better than glass adjustments. If there is compelling reason why prescription senses are better Im for the additional lenses. Dont give up the best experience for added features.

I don’t have my glasses long but I have heard a report of someone complaining about burn in. My Huaweii watch have significant burn in after 2 years. Before 4K I would say make sure the best displays are packaged to prevent burn in. I can see glasses be used for 4 years (or longer) before someone would upgrade. If after 2 years there are burn in then you just lost a customer and the customers immediate circle of friends.

A full light blocker might be a selling point for people who cannot afford both VR and AR glasses, but the FOV of VR is much better and is the superior product for VR experience. I personally will keep AR glasses an AR experience otherwise you will give up space for a subpar VR experience title.

A nice neck strap will be good in case you hook the cable somewhere and rip the glasses off your face and fall to the ground. I would not go for magnetic cabling cause if you loose it you need to order and wait for new ones. Standard cabling I like as is now.

An outside distance sensor that if you are closer than 30cm from a wall a led indicator in the glasses will activate to warn or something. Some of the Real AR apps is really immersive in the scene and I already almost walked into a wall a couple of times

At the end I really trust that NReal knows what they are doing and will have a great roadmap. Im sure some stuff from this topic will prick the great minds at Real