My in development app crashes after one or two uses / demos and phone needs restart

Hi All

Happy New Year!

I am finding time to return to my app to work on development. It prompted me to leave this question here in parallel before I add more debug and diagnostics.

I remembered the last time I demo-ed to someone, I had to restart my phone to be sure as the app would run once, maybe twice, then it ‘felt’ like a resources issue / freezing and/or crashing.

FYI, as my app launches I run my ltd company logo video, and then another custom video. Both are in their own respective scenes and from my understanding these resources should be freed when the third scene is launched (or as each successive scene is launched the last one is freed up). The third scene is my main app.

Phone - OPPO Find X5 Pro

Splash scene (video 1)
Splash scene (video 2)
Main scene

So i begin to think:

Is it Nebula?
is it NRSDK?
Is my app not releasing resources?

I’d guess that Nebula is destroyed when my app launches so probably not that. Has anyone else seen this? Is there a programmatic way to free resources if needed?



P.S. I am heavily technical since the mid 1990s although do not know Unity inside out / learning it as I go. :slight_smile: