Native app for Xinfrared T2 Pro thermal cam

This T2 Pro thermal cam is so small I could easily attach it to the Xreal glasses and it already has an Android app.

I was going to try and sideload the app and then plug the camera into the Xbeam but the app requires OTF USB capability on the device which as far as I understand Xbeam does not.

I’m a software developer and could jam an android app together simple enough but I think trying to marry these 2 pieces of hardware is beyond what I can do.

This works fine connecting the camera to my Android phone and then casting it to the Xbeam but it would be pretty awesome if the phone could get cut out of the mix completely.

Think about how much of a game changer and industry disrupter it would be if we could do a true 1:1 semi-transparent thermal AR overlay using this sub-$400 little camera on these sub-$400 Xreal AR glasses. Look at prices of just thermal monoculars and rifle scopes, they’re high. If someone wants to run them like nightvision they need some sort of bump helmet or head band at the least to hold the heavy monocular.

What we could build here using Xreal and Xinfrared would be preditor level thermal overlay that would compete with $5,000+ thermal setups and probably destroy it. There’s really nothing like it on the market right now.

The hardware tech on both sides is there, we just have to figure out how to marry the two together with a native Xreal app.

Apple very well will probably come in next year and all but destroy Xreal with their vision pro headset given the money, fanbase and ability to launch it with some actual apps. However, position Xreal in the thermal and nightvision market before they release and print money.

I’m not even sure what I’m asking here, doing this myself through my company is probably outside of our scope but give me ideas on how we make this happen, or you go make it happen, I just want this to happen lol. Too much opportunity here right now for someone not to.

Hi, sorry that the Beam doesn’t support the OTF USB access currently. But we will provide MTP method for access.