Nebula app for iOS/ iPhone 15 models

Is there a Nebula app coming soon for the iPhone 15 pro models?

Connecting my air 2 pros to my 15 pro max YouTube works but have to have the screen on at the same time, it doesn’t automatically go into airplay mode to display like peacock, Amazon prime videos, Hulu and other video services.

The outcome is reliant on YouTube’s mechanism and is not influenced by our glasses. The same phenomenon will occur even if you connect your iPhone to a physical monitor.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not blaming the glasses by any means, love theses glasses. I don’t have the resources or contacts to google/youtube like XREAL might and if it’s possible to bring to there attention :slight_smile:

Next question, I do need to get the prescription, is there other companies out there that will do it for lower cost then $149-$189 amount cause it kinda pricey.

We are trying to get in touch with YouTube, but no reply at the moment. About the prescription lens you mentioned, we only have the following three corporators.