Nebula App in Google Play Store - S22 Ultra?

Are there any plans to release a Nebula app for the Samsung S22 Ultra?

I can see there is apps for S21 etc. but not for the S22

Currently, the plan is not clear. Sorry about that.

This is ridiculous. The product really needs to support current devices and to not even have a plan moving forward is bizarre to me. Is nreal a really small company? I can’t see why supporting Exynos 2200 is so difficult when you already support Exynos 2100. Other companies have no issues updating their apps to support many devices, such as Rokid.

Hi developer. Really sorry for the unsatisfactory experience that we brought to you. For S22 support, we are trying to do this, but it cannot only be determined by our side, mostly we need help and support from Samsung, I hope you can give us your understanding. By the way, what we listed in our compatibility list are the models which support both Air Casting and MR Space mode, not only Casting. Sorry again for the inconvenience. We are trying our best to improve our products.

But is it actually being worked on or are you just saying this?

We are really working on this.

Hi, would like to use the nebula app with s22 ultra exymos. Do you have a timeline, when I can use Nebuls app?