Nebula app keeps crashing on samsung galaxy s21 ultra

I got my Nreal air glasses today but the Nebula app keeps crashing on my Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra. It shows as a supported device but I keep getting an error message: “The current device is still being adapted and temporarily unavailable.”

Please advise as to what this issue may be,



Hi, please make sure the connection is correct. The connection cable should be the default which in the package, and the bent end should be connected with glass.

Thanks for your reply; When I plug in the glasses to my Steam Deck, it works fine. WhenI plug them into my phone, I get a desktop view in the glasses (see attached). However, as soon as I click ‘AR Space’ my screen goes black. says ‘headset disconnected’, then error.

So I think it’s the AR Space part that is broken…?

Please advise.


(don’t see a way to attach a screen shot)

Then please turn off the Dex mode of your Samsung phone, and after that enter into AR Space. You can disable Dex mode in Settings–>Connections–>More Connection Settings–>HDMI(Do not select Dex, choose the other one).

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That was it, thanks. Forgot about Dex, All good now!

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